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Thank you for visiting my personal website.  

You will find no legal advice here, but plenty of information about what I do for a living.  I provide this to my friends and family as I find it interesting as well as challenging to know the laws in California, particularly as they relate to employment. 

Many of you know my personal story of how I came to work in Fresno doing workers' compensation and employment defense. I grew-up the son of a truck driver and construction worker turned home improvement retail manager.  He worked long-term for a local hardware store driven out of business by litigation.

His resilience and those experiences never left me.  I know firsthand employees who become successful managers, executives, business owners work harder than anyone I know.  I also know what it is to be an employee, manager, executive and business owner.  One friend of my puts it simply:  "when you own or run the company no one tells you when to go home."  

My personal goal is to keep people like my father and businesses like those he worked for in business despite all challenges, legal or otherwise.

I hope this website informs and assists you in your business endeavors.  As always, nothing here constitutes legal advice so please take no action without consulting your own competent legal counsel.  


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